IMSpost 7.4

IMSpost Lite, takes the worlds most advanced postprocessing software
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IMSpost Lite, takes the worlds most advanced postprocessing software, and makes it an affordable option for companies of all sizes.
This easy to use software uses a standard windows interface, and does not require any knowledge of programming . Use IMSpost Lite to customize your existing postprocessors, or postprocessors from the IMS library.
IMSpost Lite contains all the powerful functionality of IMSpost, except for access to the IMSpost source level macro processor.
Main features:
-Modify letter address formats
-Modify G/M functions
-Canned cycles, or simulated drilling cycles for machines without cycle support
-Block numbering, output sort order
-Spindle and coolant control
-Tool change definition
-Feedrate control
-High Speed Machining
-Automatic conversion of point to point data to NURBS format
-Arc fitting of point to point data in any plane
-Optimized output using linear tangency
-State-of-the-art technology, using "C ", and Windows GUI
-Supports all classes of machines with any number of linear or rotary axes;
-automatic support of co-linear axes
-Use the same postprocessor for any CAM system or hardware platform
-conversational output style support

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